About Us

Unmanned Vehicle Systems

Dronobotics Aviation Developers LLP is an evolving name in the field of Drones or Unmanned Vehicle Systems, developing, manufacturing and providing these sophisticated machines with best performance, durability, qualities and at affordable cost in India. Our UAVs and Systems have been used and praised by Indian Air Force in many criteria.

Our UAVs are Efficient, Durable, Robust, User Friendly, Long Range, Multiple payloads, airworthy even with minor damages and demonstrated Endurance is much longer than any of similar Micro UAVs available in India.

We have designed and flown many UAVs successfully and many are under development state. Our team members are working in UAV field for 15+  years and got officially registered in Aug 2017.

We are full of innovative ideas working to realize the designs from blueprints to the Work Fields. Designing own platforms and products reduces the dependencies on foreign companies, hence Our products are MADE IN INDIA.

Commercial Flight Simulators

Flight simulators play a significant role both in pilot training and in sustaining pilot currency. The safety level of modern general, private & commercial aviation depends largely on simulation technologies, used not only for training purposes, but also in air accident investigations, studies of aircraft design or air traffic simulation and on a better understanding of the interactions present in the pilot-aircraft-mission environment system.

Dronobotics Aviation Developers manufactured India`s First Fully Functional Mode Control Panel (MCP) and Flight Control Unit (FCU) for personal flight simulator use, indigenously.
Soon we are initiating production of Flight Simulator hardware for commercial use.
We are OEM of Flight Simulator panels i.e. we don`t assemble Simulator using panels from other comapnies, Our panels are Home-brewed and built keeping in mind the level of abuse the panels would have to tolerate in their life span.
Our Flight Simulation solutions would be most beneficial for Indian Customers as they would no longer have to be dependent on foreign companies for Product, Maintenance & Support.

Military Flight Simulators

Dronobotics, being in the field of Unmanned Systems, UAV Simulators and Civil Aviation, is now climbing further to design and manufacture replica cockpits and simulators for Military Aircrafts (using and implementing open source information available). We have experience of manufacturing Simulator Systems of Boeing B737NG, Airbus A320 and Cessna 172 aircrafts. 
 The new addition to our simulator fleet is Mirage 2000 simulator with physical and virtual cockpit.


Their use is associated with familiarization of beginner pilots with the aircraft, its handling, navigation and basic missions. They are used for the selection and training of pilot candidates, advanced flight training, training of all flight phases, assessing the implementation of specific air missions, and crew training and coordination within the scope of MCC and CRM training.


D.A.D.`s LOCAV-3 Surveillance UAV was praised by Indian Air Force in 2016. It was manufactured to prove the concept of Low Cost Aerial Vehicle (LOCAV) without compromising qualities and features. Its features can be compared with many of Micro and Mini UAVs of DRDO, NAL or other government and Private organizations in INDIA.