The Trainer Drone In India

GURU-QM  is a series of trainer drone in India exclusively built for REMOTE PILOT TRAINING  in DGCA approved Remote Pilot Training Organizations (RPTO) in India.

It is tested by DGCA team for Quality and Performance and found satisfactory for Remote Pilot Training in India.

Robust design, Low Cost and Low Maintenance with great features enables GURU-QM to be a part of Training Drone fleet in DGCA Approved RPTOs.

GURU-QM can be operated in fully autonomous or first-person view flight modes using a handheld or fixed DAD`s Ground Control Station (GCS).


Technical Specifications

GURU QM DGCA Approved Trainer Drone


Km LOS Range


Min Endurance


Minutes Deployment Time


Kgs All-Up-Weight

Dimension (mm)


Video (Optional)


Wind Resistance

16 km/h

Maximum Operating Altitude

400 ft*  

Auto-Land Accuracy

< 1 m

Payload Capacity

400 gm 

Salient Features

Rapid Deployment


Autonomous Take-Off & Landing


NPNT Upgradable


DronoSim Drone Simulator 


Multiple Failsafe Modes


FPV Live Feed (Optional)


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