Foe`s Nightmare

(Built & Maiden Flight in 2017)

Flightmare is INDIA`s FIRST Armed UAV fixed wing platform designed and developed by Dronobotics exclusively for Indian Armed Forces. It is a Multirole UAV platform which can be used for Dropping payloads or can be used in combat. 

We have also developed indigenous glide bomb prototype as well, to be used with Flightmare Armed UAV in India.

It is designed for multi-role unmanned operations and can be used by armed forces to tackle unwanted cross-border activities without endangering precious lives of Soldiers and Civilians.

Flightmare can also be used by Homeland Security Forces for surveillance along with using Non-Lethal equipments over Rampage/ Riot prone areas in order to dissipate mob to avoid any possibilities of civil disturbance.

It would be loaded with Non-Lethal Smart Glide Cans, also being developed by DAD`s team using In-house technology.


Technical Specifications

India`s first Armed UAV UCAV


Km LOS Range


Minutes Endurance


Minutes Deployment Time

Kgs All-Up-Weight


1.34 m 


2.5 m

Wind Resistance

28 km/h

Maximum Operating Altitude(AGL)

4000 ft

Auto-Land Accuracy

< 3 m

Payload Capacity

1.5 Kgs 


Day Cam:  1080p, 10x Optical Zoom


Night Cam: 720p, 10x Optical Zoom


DAD`s Riot Control, Non- Lethal Smart Glide Cans X  2


DAD`s Tear Gas Drop Cans X 4


Flightmare Dronobotics

Salient Features

Rapid Deployment


Autonomous Take-Off & Landing


Inaudible at 150 m


Encrypted Radio Links


Multiple Failsafe Modes


Speed Brakes


Safe Non- Lethal Weaponized Operation 


Easy Reload System


Future of Flightmare

Flightmare is indeed a fully functional SMALL category UAV, but It is the beginning of our endeavor to manufacture a Full Scale Armed Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle to enhance strength of Indian Armed Forces.