Foe`s Nightmare

(Built & Maiden Flight in 2017)

Flightmare is INDIA`s FIRST Multirole UAV fixed wing platform (DGCA category: SMALL) designed and developed by Dronobotics exclusively for
Indian Armed Forces.

It is designed for multi-role unmanned operations and can be used by armed forces to tackle unwanted cross-border activities without endangering precious lives of Soldiers and Civilians.

Flightmare can also be used by Homeland Security Forces for surveillance along with using Non-Lethal equipments over Rampage/ Riot prone areas in order to dissipate mob to avoid any possibilities of civil disturbance.

It would be loaded with Non-Lethal Smart Glide Cans, also being developed by DAD`s team using In-house technology.


Technical Specifications

India`s first Armed UAV UCAV


Km LOS Range


Minutes Endurance


Minutes Deployment Time

Kgs All-Up-Weight


1.34 m 


2.5 m

Wind Resistance

28 km/h

Maximum Operating Altitude(AGL)

4000 ft

Auto-Land Accuracy

< 3 m

Payload Capacity

1.5 Kgs 


Day Cam:  1080p, 10x Optical Zoom


Night Cam: 720p, 10x Optical Zoom


DAD`s Riot Control, Non- Lethal Smart Glide Cans X  2


DAD`s Tear Gas Drop Cans X 4


Flightmare Dronobotics

Salient Features

Rapid Deployment


Autonomous Take-Off & Landing


Inaudible at 150 m


Encrypted Radio Links


Multiple Failsafe Modes


Speed Brakes


Safe Non- Lethal Weaponized Operation 


Easy Reload System


Future of Flightmare

Flightmare is indeed a fully functional SMALL category UAV, but It is the beginning of our endeavor to manufacture a Full Scale Armed Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle to enhance immunity of Indian Armed Forces.