Surveillance UAV

(Built & First Flight in 2017)
The Hans Long Range Surveillance UAV is the top platform for those looking to use a drone for intensive surveillance missions aiming to higher weights & endurance. Hans has a range of approximately 40 km and can fly for up to 2 hours continuously depending on the operating conditions and payload.

Built using Home-brewed techniques, Hans is adapted to become a complete UAV solution. It's composite/EPO structure makes this plane really light (1.4 kg without payload) and capable of handling up to 2.3 kg of Payload, Batteries & other equipments.

The Hans is controlled by the fully tested avionics, fitted in the front side of the cargo bay free to leave the maximum volume space available for payload. Hans can be configured to handle any kind of payload and has pointing and georeference capabilities among others.

With a standard computer, the system will be ready to fly. To utilize Hans to its maximum potential, deditcated Dronobotics` proprietary Ground Control Station is advisable.
It can fly autonomously from take-off to landing, so the operator doesn't need any previous flight experience. Through the computer, using DAD`s GCS software, the user can plan, fly and modify the UAV mission in real time. 


Technical Specifications

Hans UAV- India`s First Multirole UAV


Km LOS Range


Hours Endurance


Minutes Deployment Time


Kgs All-Up-Weight


79 cm 


2.12 m

Wind Resistance

27 km/h

Maximum Operating Altitude (AGL)

5000 ft

Auto-Land Accuracy

< 3 m

Payload Capacity

1.5 Kgs 


Day Cam:  1080p, 10x Optical Zoom


Night Cam: 720p, 10x Optical Zoom


1.2 Kg of Useful Payload


Extra Batteries for Extended Flight


Hans Long Range UAV Dronobotics

Salient Features

Rapid Deployment


Autonomous Take-Off & Landing


Inaudible at 60 m


Encrypted Radio Links


Multiple Failsafe Modes


HD FPV Live Feed


Long Range Operation 


No-Tool Assembly


Future of Hans

DAD is now carrying out research to develope HANS into a Medium Altitude, Long Range (MALE) UAV and then into High Altitude, Long Endurance UAV (HALE) in near future.