VTOL Multirole UAV

The Chaturbhuj is a long endurance, heavy-lift Quad-rotor UAV designed with Multirole capabilities.  The multiple plug & play payload options make Chaturbhuj a perfect product for those who need one product for multiple missions..

Featuring VTOL functionality, it can be deployed quickly without the need for a runway or launch equipment and the integral emergency parachute offers additional safety, especially when being operated in populated areas. The detachable landing gear ensure the system can be easily packed away and transported.

The Chaturbhuj can be operated in fully autonomous or first-person view flight modes using a handheld or fixed DAD`s Ground Control Station (GCS).


Technical Specifications

Chaturbhuj UAV- India`s First Multirole UAV


Km LOS Range


Hours Endurance


Minutes Deployment Time


Kgs All-Up-Weight

Dimension (cm)

90 x 90 

Video Quality (Live Stream)


Wind Resistance

34 km/h

Maximum Operating Altitude

1800 ft

Auto-Land Accuracy

< 4 m

Payload Capacity

1.1 Kgs 


Day Cam:  1080p, 10x Optical Zoom


Night Cam: 720p, 10x Optical Zoom


Multispectral Sensor (Add-on)


Extra Batteries for Extended Flight


Chaturbhuj Long Range UAV Dronobotics

Salient Features

Rapid Deployment


Autonomous Take-Off & Landing


Inaudible at 180 m


Encrypted Radio Links


Multiple Failsafe Modes


HD FPV Live Feed


Rain and snow resistant


NPNT Compliant