Fully Functional
B737 Mode Control Panel (MCP)

Fixed Base Simulator

For Pilots & AME

Improve the communication skills of your students, prepare them to take control of many critical situations: fire alarms, pressurization problems, hydraulic systems, electrical systems. Teach your students that these are not situations that can only be found in books, and make them understand the concrete implications of each action.

Thanks to the high definition graphics that our simulators offer you, fly like never before. You will feel like you’re on a real plane, not a simulator. 

We are OEM of Flight Simulator panels i.e. we don`t assemble Simulator using panels from other comapnies, Our panels are Home-brewed and built keeping in mind the level of abuse the panels would have to tolerate in their life span.

Our Flight Simulation solutions would be most beneficial for Indian Customers as they would no longer have to be dependent on foreign companies for Product, Maintenance & Support.

Flight Traing Device
Fixed Base Simulator

Technical Specifications

Dronobotics Flight Simulator-  Boeing B737/ India


Accurate Replica Of the Boeing B737 Simulator with 95% funtional Inputs and Outputs


* Plug & Play
* Sophisticated System


* Motorized TQ
* Instructor`s Station
* True Scale
* 180 Degree FOV


Robust and High Quality Material For Minimum Maintenance


B737 Flight Deck

+ Full scale replica of Cockpit Panels
+ Complete Dual MIP
+ Motorized Trim & Throttle quadrant (Optional)
+ FWD Overhead Panel
+ AFT Overhead Panel
+ MCP & Dual EFIS
+ Computers and base software
+ StickShaker
+ Dual FMS
+Electromagnetic Toggle Switches
+ 180 Degrees FOV

Instructor`s Station

+ Aircraft : Get an overview of all important aircraft data and control parts like gear, flaps etc.
+ Position : Move your aircraft on an approach, to a runway takeoff point, or any other location.
+ Map: Real-time moving map shows current aircraft position, taxiways, gates, airways etc.
+ Flight Plan: Plan your flights manually or select from the system flight plan.
+ Weather Conditions: Define detailed weather conditions, enable real-time weather and set season, time and simulation rate.
+ Pushback: Control the aircraft pushback operations and set any needed pushback direction.
+ Fuel / Load : Set the current fuel amount and change the payload of the aircraft.
+ Failures: Fail aircraft components with just one click or define detailed failure conditions.
+ Statistics : Keep all important graphs on one view including detailed approach graphs.
And Much More...