Unmanned Surface Vehicle

Jalchar  is Unmanned (Water) Surface Vehicle (USV) or Drone Boat designed by Dronobotics to assist Navy, Coast Guards, Disaster Management, Search & Rescue, Scientific Researches and Commercial & Personal needs.
Jalchar is a force multiplier for Maritime Operations. Rather than be constrained by traditional warfare areas and security methods, Jalchar  can be employed in various scenarios to do the dangerous, dull and dirty work with greater efficiency. The manned operations such as border surveillance can be done by Jalchar with greater persistence and lower cost as copmared to traditional methods.

 It`s 24 MP camera provides live FPV stream @720p and stores at 1080p. Dronobotic`s Pan-Tilt multipurpose platform can be mounted on it, which can be equiped with custom payloads, remotely controlled by operator via secure data links.


Technical Specifications

Dronobotics Jalchar USV- Unmanned Water Surface Vehicle


Km Range


Hours Endurance


Knots Cruise Speed


Kg Useful Payload 

Dimension (cm)                                        



10 km

Max Speed

25 Knots

Battery Life (@1.5 m/s)

3 hours

Autonomous Accuracy

< 1 m

Obstacle Avoidance

10 m 


Day Cam:  1080p, 10x Optical Zoom


Night Cam: 720p, 10x Optical Zoom


2 Kg of Useful Payload


Multiple Sensors (Add-on)


Salient Features

Rapid Deployment


Autonomous & Manual




Optional Solar Power For Extended Operation


Multiple Failsafe Modes


HD FPV Live Feed


Multiple Payload Options


Operable in Winds @ 24 km/h